Next time I will bring my wallet...
Published on July 19, 2006 By josie0201 In Dating
Well here is my first date.

His name is Johna and he is really cute he is my friend's brother and he seems smart and cool, so he took me to Denny' s (so cool most of times guys invited me to mc donald's wendy's and all that) so we are talking, about our lifes and our dreams, and everything is going really well until I make my order a chicken ranch melt, and then... he gave me look like I was speaking in tongues or something and he said: "Are you sure you want that???!!!" I'm like yes why? he said to me because I only brought $12 I was pretty sure that we will going to eat from the same plate or that you were going to order something a litte more cheap (hello we are in denny's if you haven't notice that here ithere is not any dollar menu gosh) so we ending ordering a sample...the funny part he tip the girl whit 2 cents come on!!!!! and he like: "well it wasn't that good" (the food) and the he also joked saying that I will pay next time(like it will be one) in your next date sweety take to her a buffet or get a job a*hole

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